A Game Engine Comparison

13th December 2021


So, game engines… In this post we will be taking a deep dive into what they are, why we need them, some examples of game engines and how to choose the best one for you. 

What Are Game engines?

Put simply, game engines are software which simplify the process of creating games for developers. Game Engines can allow users to create 2D & 3D games, as well as manage their sounds, art, game physics, animations and all sorts from the same session. Once all of this is complete the game engine will allow you to compile and export your game giving you a playable product.

Previously, game developers would have had to create their own engine on a game by game basis. However we are now living in a world where game developers from all levels of experience have these tools at their disposal for free. Making game development a much faster process.

How can I take part?

Taking part is easy, an amazing website which allows you take take part in game jams is itch.io. You can sign up, enter a jam of your choosing and submit your game before the deadline. Make sure to leave plenty of time to compile that thing!

TheIndieGamesLab run game jams on itch.io every two weeks, we will play each submission and provide our own feedback. Users can vote for themes on our Discord server and the theme will be announced in our announcement channel.

What’s better is that our Discord server allows you to find a team! We have many regular participants who team up to win the jams and there is a channel to help you find one! Of course, you can also take part solo.

The winner will receive a rank on Discord as well as a promotional post on social media. Feel free to join us on Discord to take part in our friendly community jams!

Useful tips and tools:

Firstly you’ll need a game engine, most of our submissions are made with Unity and Unreal Engine. However that doesn’t mean that you have to, other great engines include: Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio 2, Godot and GDevelop.

Secondly our community asset page is a place where members of our community have uploaded assets for you guys to use in your jams or any game at all. In addition you can use the Unreal and Unity have great asset stores.


In conclusion, game jams are an excellent way to have fun and grow as a developer, they will allow you to learn new skills as you are taking a shot at a certain theme which will generate new ideas. In addition feedback will be given during the voting stage on your game. As a result this will help you improve your games in the future. You will learn team working skills which are incredibly important in the industry. Game Jams will also allow you to build a portfolio which is also an incredibly aspect of becoming a game developer.

I hope that this post was a useful introduction to game jams, I hope to see you on the Discord server! Feel free to say hello!