24th June 2020

The Benefit of Game Jams

So, you’ve got a little knowledge in game development. Whether that be in 3D modelling, game art, programming, animator or music. Game Jams are a great step to further developing your skills and building a portfolio.

What are Game Jams?

A game jam is a competition in which a theme will be announced at a certain time and from that point you will have a deadline to complete a game based on that theme.

Deadlines will vary in length, they can be any amount of time. Sometimes even 24hrs!

How can I take part?

Taking part is surprisingly easy, an amazing website where you can find hundreds of game jams to take part in is You can simply sign up, enter a jam of your choosing and submit your game before the deadline. Make sure to leave plenty of time to compile that thing!

TheIndieGamesLab personally run our game jams on every two weeks, we will play the submissions to the jam live in stream in the weeks in-between. Users can vote for themes on our Discord server and the theme will be announced in our announcement channel.

What’s even better is that our Discord server allows you to find a team! We have many regular participants who team up to try and win the jams and there is a channel to help you find one! Of course, you can take part solo if you’d rather.

The winner will receive a rank on our server as well as a promotional post on our social media pages. Feel free to join us on Discord to take part in our friendly community jams!  

Useful tips and tools

You’ll need a game engine, most of our submissions are made with Unity Engine, however that doesn’t mean that you have to, other great engines include: Unreal Engine, GameMaker Studio 2, Godot and GDevelop.

You can also use our community asset page where members of our community have uploaded assets for you guys to use in your jams or any game at all! Head over to

Unreal and Unity have great asset stores too!

Unreal –

Unity –


To conclude, game jams are an excellent way to have fun and grow as a developer, they will allow you to learn new skills as you are taking a shot at a certain theme which will generate new ideas. You will receive feedback during the voting stage on your game, this will help you improve your games in the future. They will teach you team working skills which are incredibly important in the industry. Game Jams will also allow you to build a portfolio which is also an incredibly aspect of becoming a game developer.

I hope that this post was a useful introduction to game jams, I hope to see you on the Discord server! Feel free to say hello!

Liam B


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